One Unified Voice

The KCMS & CMA represent the voices of
more than 43,000 physicians state-wide

KCMS Alliance


Who we are and what we do- The Kern County Medical Society Alliance is an organization of physicians’ spouses dedicated to the health of California through education, community service programs, and legislation. The Alliance serves to advocate for the sustainability and advancement of quality health care for all citizens of the community. As a foundation, the Alliance fundraises and grants monetary contributions to a diverse cross section of health and health education programs. Participation is vital for success. Through membership, financial support, and active involvement. You provide the crucial element to building health communities.

President – Lois Hess 2018-2019

To become a member contact:
Tina Finberg – 661-398-1525
Judith Malerich- 661-397-8564
Carol Ann O’Reilly