For Patients

For Patients

The Kern County Medical Society (KCMS) is a local, non-profit organization of member physicians who are committed to the delivery of quality medical care and to maintaining the highest principles of medicine. Since is beginning in 1897, the KCMS and its members have been active in responding to and meeting the health care needs of our community. Through its staff and active committees, the Kern County Medical Society provides community services that help to improve the lives of Kern County residents in many ways. Following is a partial list of community services that KCMS provides:


KCMS members contribute funds and award scholarships to local students pursuing degrees in health care fields.

Patient Referral Service

Being new to the community can often make finding the appropriate medical care a challenge. For assistance in finding a physician or to obtain information on-line regarding member physicians, visit our Physician Locator section.

Grievance Arbitration

KCMS staff provides informal help to county residents and member physicians in resolving differences, which may develop.

Information Source

KCMS collects and provides information on many health care issues.

Kern County Medical Society member physicians believe in and contribute to their profession and their community. It is through these community services that the KCMS membership strives to improve public knowledge concerning the many issues facing their profession. When you need medical information, assistance with a health care issue or finding a physician, call the Kern County Medical Society at 661/325-9025.

For Patients